Program Benefits

Business Advantage is not just about the benefits you gain from optimising your existing infrastructure. As a business owner you have worked hard to build your products, skills, services and client relations. We can help you to leverage this foundation work even further.

In an age of information and social relations there is a great, and often unknown, revenue potential in the day to day workings of your business. Our range of services can help you to identify, quantify and turn this potential into a passive revenue stream.

How do we do this?

Every electronic communication you make to a client, whether it is an e-mail or a website hit, is of more value than just its indented purpose. Business Advantage can help you to make use of this client interest through a combination of advertising and reselling.

The systems are simple to implement and require little or no maintenance.


Business Advantage can provide you with the tools to deliver targeted advertising straight to your clients. This not only includes marketing for your own products and services but it can also deliver paid advertising for other relevant third parties.

There is no need for overly aggressive or intrusive marketing. You are in complete control and you can tailor advertising to your required level. In fact some services can be completely transparent.

Reselling Our Services

When you sign up for a Business Advantage account you have immediate access to our services but you also gain the ability to on-sell these services. Your recommendation to your clients not only creates ongoing revenue for you but it also connects your clients to the services they need at discounted rates.

Remember it is not just about generating more revenue from your existing infrastructure. It is also about providing better service to your clients.

Get the unfair advantage

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The Cimtak Business Advantage

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